Friday, May 21, 2010

1. In "The Crucible," how do the girls in the courtroom terrorize Mary Warren?

A. They give here a poppet that looks like her

B. They repeat everything she says

C. They tell the court that she has cast a spell on John

D. They say that they see the Devil talking to her

2. In "The Crucible," which of the following is a strong motivation for John to tear up his confession?

A. His fear of eternal damnation if he swears to lie

B. He wants to be courageous like Rebecca Nurse and Martha Corey

C. He believes that he has to pay for his sin of adultery with Abigail

D. He believes that if he does not confess, he will save Elizabeth's life.

1. In "The Crucible," how do the girls in the courtroom terrorize Mary Warren?
1. B

Mary to go insane, he believes the girls acting and tells her to stop sending out her evil spirit. The way the girls, next, and very childishly yet very effectively repeat everything Mary says pushes her even closer to madness and even makes Danforth "grow hysterical". Here, the suspense builds-up similarly to the second chosen scene and the audience waits impatiently to see whether Mary will crack under pressure which she eventually does. The pressure on Mary increases the tension and suspense thus also the dramatic quality of the passage. However the key element in this scene is Mary’s weakness and vulnerability which both the audience and the characters can sense. She tries to assume the role of a strong character like Proctor but fails.

2. B

In part, this unwillingness reflects his desire not to dishonor his fellow prisoners: he would not be able to live with himself knowing that other innocents died while he quaked at death’s door and fled.

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